Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Current Events

So there are a couple projects in the works that I'm looking forward to sharing with you!

#1 (MAIN) - Novel, hoping it's not a trilogy, but it's looking super long already. As much as I write, I don't think explaining my work is my strong point since I want to share without giving things away. In any case, it's been long in the drafting stages and the writing has finally begun!

#2 - Translating Kurokenshin (manga) into Japanese - mostly so my friends in Japan can read it, haha. It's a good opportunity for me to study, too, but it's not a top priority at the moment.

#3 - Rewriting Kurokenshin into a light novel series - this depends a lot on when the main novel project is done, but I have already written out the first chapter and I like the feel of it, so I want to continue. Why? Because there's few back stories and details that I (realized later and) want to put into the story. And also because I would like to redraw some scenes now that my art has improved... though I haven't drawn in such a long time, maybe it's worse! haha

That is all for now. Please enjoy reading my posted works and look forward to more!

Until next time, take care~

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